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ARKEY - Antenna for Internet Key and USB internet keys

ARKEY antenna per chiavette internet

Compatible with most internet sticks, USB sticks and 3G router on the market.

Maximum speed of internet connection by putting the antenna in outer centering on the best signal reception.
The antenna is waterproof definitely good to improve the internet connection in all the sites or premises where the connection is precarious or unstable as taverns, basements, mountain resorts, etc. ..

If the antenna is connected to a Protel ARKEY Emi- wi-fi 3G, it allows you to share a single internet key and one subscription to a mobile operator, connect to the Internet wirelessly to broadband, with multiple users PC, Notebook, Smartphone, Tablet, etc. ..

The antenna is supplied as standard with 3 meters of USB cable. If this is not enough to reach the place of location, we can provide a further extension of three meters.

E 'can use cable extensions USB preamp to reach lengths of 10 meters (eg for installation on roofs or gardens).

Compatible with internet sticks of all telephone operators.
Summary of key size supported (excluding contact USB) 100mm. X 30mm. X 20mm.

The antenna is entirely produced by ARKEY PROTEL PROTEL in Italy, it is patented and is guaranteed by our company, which produces antennas for 33 years.

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